He is into you or he isn’t. He makes you feel special or he doesn’t. There are numerous reasons to go out with a guy! If you are caught in a situation where you can’t really decide whether you should/shouldn’t go out with him..Whether to give him that ‘one shot’ or not.. Take a look at the points I’ve listed before you Turn him DOWN!!! It could really make or break the deal of your ‘current relationship’ with him and even if you are adamant about saying ‘No’, read it just-for-fun 😉 I mean who wouldn’t be curious enough to READ 50 of them! OMG really? YES

Go Ahead! 🙂

1. You feel hungry all the time or you just are a lover of food then you gotta get that man 😉

2. You bought a New Dress and you wanna spin some heads. We are girls and we love little wardrobe happiness *evil laugh*

3. You have nothing better to do tomorrow Night! Go get some Action! 😀

4. You are getting bored in your vacations so you might as well get bored with him!

5. Contrary to the above point, you might end up liking the date and plan on another one! 😀

6. You read an article on how girls are gearing-up and Asking Men Out! So YOU ASK HIM OUT too. Just For Fun 😉

7. You wanna make your Ex/crush Jealous 😉 Sigh! We are Awesome <3

8. A new Joint just opened and you wanna try that burger so you go out with him!

9. You like him. I wonder why this point is coming now! 😛

10. You have never been on a Good First Date! o.O Happens girl! Happens!

* Did you fall into any category yet? No? Read on then.. 40 more to go 😀
If Yes, then share below.. cm’mon write a comment if it was totally your situation 😉 *

11. You have never been kissed so in the hope of getting lucky tonight, you make-up your mind. Haha

12. You just got out of a relationship and you wanna divert your mind! Not Bad At All!!! Go Strong Girl!

13. Just to get yourself in the field. See whether you still have it in you or not.

14. You always wanted to go on a date with an American or a French Men. Bonjour Madame!

15. You are new in town. Just wanna mingle with someone! Hehe

16. Want to catch-up with an old friend/crush so you call it a date instead?

17. He expressed his feelings towards you but you’re not sure so in order to get to know him better, you go on a date! Bingo!

18. You wanna get that Bitch jealous! >-< Yes Yes.. Take it easy. She is burning-up in fumes already! 😛

19. You might want to make the guys jealous too! After all, You deserve the Best of the world! 😀

20. All of your friends are in relationships and you don’t wanna feel left-out. Yeah? So you grab the hottest one! Okay. You go out with him! 😀

21. You have a flight at 4 and it’s 11 right now. You wanna kill some time, so you don’t wait and want to spend some time with him. Awwwww

22. You got into a huge fight with your parents, you storm out of your house and into the nearest coffee place. You wanna talk to someone so you make your droopy eyes (not that he can see) and sad voice and ask him to come over! 😛

23. He got promoted/salary so as his humble duty it is, you ask for a date treat!

24. He is Hot N’ Happening. No questions asked!

25. Practice Date- It’s simple. You like a guy. He is Almost Perfect! You are nervous, you practice your date with a less perfect guy. You wanna get all brushed up and not rust down!

* Are you girls having fun? 😀 I know till now, at least you’d have got exactly your way back into your Date *

26. You met him for a purpose, like a meeting etc. You like where things are going so you go with the flow! Extend the meeting into a date 🙂

27. You don’t see any good guys around you OR you don’t see any guys who are good enough for you, so you go with him instead! What? Do you have anything better in mind? Remember, it’s why to go on a date!

28. You wanna get some work done from him, like an assignment etc. As a bonus/favor, you go out with him. Smart move girl!

29. Your much awaited movie has hit the box-office. Don’t have a friend? You go with him.

30. You are using (?) him to get to his friend. This girl is surely a Rockstar!

31. You wanna get a new Profile/Blog Pictures.. Hahah. So he would gladly click your snaps as you went out with him. Obsessed lot! 😉

32. You’re tired of relationships. You just wanna spoil yourself and have some fun at that.

33. You got your salary. You wanna be big and independent so you take him out for a change! That’s my CF Girl!

34. You won/lost a bet with him and now he has asked for a date! Okay!

35. He has been so nice to you all this while. So you would really like to go out with him.Be Nice to him, eh.okay? 😛

36. You want to tell him that you are doing great, so you flaunt how happy you are, on a date with/without him.

37. You want to check on him, get some updates on his life. You secretly kinda like him. 😉

38. You want to take it to the next level, more than friends? Yes!

39. You wanna party hard! The entry requires a couple, so… Yea 🙂 You ask him out!

40. You are out of money or food?  (yea..some of us still live on pocket money :D). It isn’t embarrassing girl! He doesn’t have to know that 😛

41. He has been asking you out for centuries. He is ‘decent’ too. Give him a chance 🙂

42. You are new as an employee. You want to impress your colleague. A healthy get-to-know-your-job-better deal is worth a date!

43. You think there is a chemistry, a connection between you two and gotta give it a try! See what happens!

44. You like his messy hair, just to how it feels to touch it, you go out with that Hotness! * Remember anyone? * 😉

45. It’s PROM NIGHT! You have to have a guy. Time to go out and pick a DATE!

46. Is he cute? You want to know whether he is INTO YOU or not? Ask him out just because you are curious 🙂

47. Ask him out cos your friend wants go on a DOUBLE DATE. For your bestie! <3

48. You want to be treated specially! Feel like the only lady at a restaurant? You go with him  🙂

49. You’ve a lot of common interests and hobbies, like you like Rock music, a painting or even salsa? 😉 So you shed your creativity with someone instead!





50. Finally girls! Go out with him because  you are FUN and you Deserve it 🙂

So My Ladies!!! Does he deserve to take you out now? Or Have these points changed your mind? I’d love to know 🙂

Say ‘Yes’ if you’re going out with him 🙂

Have a Blast Girls.. Just Remember to be your ‘Chic Best’ while you do that! 🙂 Mwah! 

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How to get the perfect red lips

“Of all the hues, reds have the most potency. If there is one Electric Blue, a dozens reds are so charged” ~ Jack Lenor Larsen

Bonjour Mesdames

Every girl wants to have a perfect Red on her Lips.. Deep down she loves the Pop but dreads to wear out as it is perceived to be “loud and bold”..Worry not.. Annie to the Red’s cue 😉 I’ve jotted down all the Do’s and Don’ts to wear a Red Lipstick.. You can Rock any look irrespective of your complexion, clothes and the time when you are wearing it.. Take a look, I hope you like what you see 🙂

1. Which color suits my Complexion?

It is a myth that the color ‘Red’ doesn’t suit Redheads and blends with warmer tones of skin only! While, women with lighter skin tones have many options to choose from but a note above your complexion can bring you from “Damn good!” to “woahhhhh..yeeeeks”..

–>Women with Light skin tones like Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, Leighton Meester, Emma Roberts, Angelina Jolie should go for orange or burgundy shades of Red..

Scarlett Johansson in (left) orange-red shade and burgundy shade!

Anne Hathaway and Leighton Meester in orange-red shade

Some more inspirations for Lighter skin tones:- (left) Emma Roberts in a chic casual look while Blake Lively Looks priceless! What do you think?

–>Women with pink undertones in their complexion should stick with cool red or plum shades like the one below!

Some celebrity examples are Gwen stefani, Emma Stone, Kim Kardashian and Kristen Dunst..

–> Women with olive or darker skin tones should opt for majenta-based or tamer versions of Red..

Celebrities with such skin tones look glorious!!!… Some are, Beyonce knowles, Thandie Newton, Penelope cruz, Eva Longoria and Jessica Alba

2. How to wear it?

Start with a lip moisturizer.. A MUST! You don’t want flaky Red Lips.. Pleaseee NO..

Next, keep your lips in a natural position; don’t stretch them to apply ANY lipstick as they will bunch-up when you bring your lips back..

Start lining the ‘V’ of your lips using a lip liner, gradually moving to either sides… If your lips look uneven then correct them use a cotton bud etc. to carefully even them out!

Now, apply your lipstick with a brush or directly through stick depending upon your hand-setting! Work your way from middle of the top lip to the sides. Repeat the same for the lower lip as well!

3. When to wear the shade? Day or night?

ANYDAY, ANYTIME!! Though it seems as if it’s a glamorous, get-on.. get-going shade.. but it looks equally good in day as it does in night! Just keep your hair & outfit simple with 2 or maximum 3 solid colors… Red looks vivacious at night.. You can even go with same color lip gloss to dazzle and add more bling!

4. How to avoid looking wonky?

Do not wear one note higher than your skin tone! Like, lighter tones should wear orange-red and not majenta-red.. Doesn’t give you a good feeling..

If something goes wrong then don’t start rubbing it aim/lamelessly 😛 .. Instead, with a napkin or a Q-tip, gently swipe in one direction..

Apply primer and exfoliate well if your lips are darker than your skin!

Girls with colored hair/Redheads can go with darker or cooler shades of Red.. 🙂

5. How to complete the look?

For Day- Keep rest of your look simple. Skip the eyeliner or kohl and use mascara instead. NO BLUSH!!

For night- Pick a single light colored eye shadow and use concealers around the lips and wherever needed! Here you can apply just a hint of Blush. JUST!

And whatever you do, don’t clash your nails and lips.. Prefer not to wear red on nails.. But if you want to, then choose the EXACT same Shade as on your lips!

Tips for fuller and thin lips:

Fuller lips- Angelina Jolie and Fuller lips are synonyms.. well ‘The leg’ is also now (Remember her famous right-leg in recent oscars?) 😀 .. Be happy that you are blessed with such sophistication! So, all you need is to define them with a lip liner.. you need to shade in the corners with it.. Use a sheer Red instead of Matte and Avoid Gloss!!!!

Thin lips- You have to work a little hard with these but once you get it right you’ll look like a princess 🙂 Line your lips 1mm (don’t be this precise!) below your lower lips.. and SHINE SHIMMER SHOW.. Use lot of shine on your lips to make them appear fuller!! 

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Hello Girls! Having a fabulous time? I’m sure you would now! 😉 Previously, I talked about ‘what to wear on a Brunch Date’ Missed it? catch up on it.

Most of us would love our dates in the evening, with cool atmosphere and a tempting dusk. Here’s what you need for a sultry yet Romantic Evening Date!


Shorts/skirts teamed with high-low blouses would look very chic and ultra sexy! Pair it with a killer pair of stilettos in bright colors! Color-blocking could be your cue here.

If you’re more of an elegant evening theme, then you might wanna miss the shorts and slip into an easy pair of jersey trousers or an LBD. Never gets wrong!


If you’ve shoulder length hair then you can either tie them in high pony with a cute bow-knot rubber band or try beach waves-

  • Damp them a little and divide into two sections.
  • Start rotating individually and run a flat iron rod.
  • Don’t comb but run your fingers across the hair. Hello to Dazzling Diva!

Hair-cheat: You can do a messy braided bun if you’re feeling fun N’ frolic!


POLISHED OUTLOOK~ since it’s not very dark in the evening, don’t overdo! Moisturized skin, pressed powder, light tones of lipstick and well-groomed eyes with lots of mascara will give you a very polished evening look.

Go, rock his world!!! 

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Hello Ladies! How have you been? This post is sort of in-continuation with my previous post- 50 reasons to go out with him (READ HERE). So I guess, you’d have got a date or given him a grant to take you out? Good! So now what’s left of the date is, WTH AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR, I HAVE NOTHING AT ALL! That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I’m not going to prolong this talk and get to the business. While most of us might have already splurged on the crazy sales going around, some might be waiting for a pretty occasion like this to spend our greens! I’d help you pick the most dreamy/chic outfit of your wardrobe so that you don’t end up overdoing it! As Coco Chanel once said It is always better to be slightly under dressed”


If your plan is in the early afternoon, say brunch, then he better take you to some fancy restaurant as it is Sunny in most parts of the world! 😉

Look- There should be at least one maxi/long flowy skirt/asymmetrical skirt in your wardrobe. If you have time & money then you should make your move to the nearest mall and get yourselves some gorgeous minty or neon ones! So you get the idea?

You can pair a pastel skirt, floor or mid-length with a cute solid colored vest, sleeveless jacket and a straw hat! Pick ankle strap heels to complete the look.

Tip- You can replace the skirt with an ankle length pant for a more sophisticated look!

Hair: If you’re planning to skip the hat then side-swept hair should be your thing. You could also go for fish-tail braids, it is very IN this summer and makes you look very elegant.

Hair cheat: You could simply avoid the hassle, if you’re a beginner; and do a simple side braid or lose side-pony instead!


CLEAR SHEENLight pink or neutral lip gloss and kohl would make you outshine like anything 😀 The skin should be very well moisturized and sunscreen with an SPF 30 or more should be applied generously as you are stepping out in the sun!

Now go on girls.. Have fun and make him go crazy in his knees. 

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While many of us are enjoying this Chilliness in the air, some of us don’t like the frosty environment and the fact that they appear Santa Claus via layers of clothes. For people who would be missing out on snow and nature’s magic due to some reason; worry not! We have compiled a list of Holiday Movies we love that would make your Holidays all the more cheerful. Take a look:


Love Actually- A Romantic Christmas Movie revolving around the life of 8 couples. Watch out for the Christmas song in the beginning and the end.

Eternal Sunshine of the spotless minds- A twisted science fiction where the couple Kate Winslet and Jim carey decide to erase each other from their memories.

Serendipity- Two people meet, fall for each other but let destiny decide if they are meant to be with each other or not. Find out.

When Harry Met Sally- Harry and Sally have known each other for years and fear that sex would ruin their friendship. They decide to stay friends; has that ever worked?

Love Happens- A self-help author, Aaron Eckhart isn’t able to follow his own advice of the loss of his wife when he meets a hotel Florist, Jennifer aniston. Love happens when you least expect it.

Pretty Woman- A rich man (Richard Gere), as an escape from his work life, hires a beautiful prostitute (Julia Roberts) only to realize that he has fallen for her. Watch out for the stunning lady!


Home Alone- Watch out for the cute Kevin as he makes blunders and has crazy time catching the ‘bad guys’.

Little Miss Sunshine- A crazy family who pretends to be normal intend to get their daughter into a beauty pagent across country. Catch their hilarious journey.

The Pursuit of Happyness- An honest salesman (Will Smith) is literally brought to streets with his son as he has nothing but determination. Life has many faces and one such is happiness.

School of Rock- A wannabe rock star on accounts of desperate measures, signs up as a substitute teacher only to realize that the children talented bunch of people. See them becoming the ‘School of Rock’

August Rush- Slightly fairy-tale like, this movie captures an orphan’s musical talent to meet his birthparents.

Grown ups- Five high-school friends along with their familes reunite to pay tribute to their school basketball coach at a lake house. Watch their crazy weekend turn upside down.

Chick Flicks

Wild Child- A spoiled Malibu girl (Emma Roberts) is sent off to boarding school in England. As she tries to get expelled by using her dorm-mates and dashing Freddie (Alex pettyfer) she ends up hurting everyone only to realize that she cares more about them.

How to lose a guy in 10 days- On accounts to prove their worth, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey decide to lose a guy/fall in love in 10 days. Would they win or lose, love?

Mean Girls- A home taught girl (Lindsay Lohan) learns the untaught lessons of teenage girls; the hard way as she becomes one of them- plastic girls.

Confessions of a shopaholic- A shopaholic journalist falls for her entrepreneur boss and questions her true ambitions and whether overcoming her shopping addiction would bring her true happiness.

The Devil wears prada- An aspiring journalist Andrea (Anne Hathaway) becomes a temporary second assistant to the ruthless fashion executive Miranda (Meryl streep). She has to change everything to ‘fit’ into this world compromising on loved ones.

Julie and Julia- A young writer, Julie with an unpleasant job decides to write a blog about cooking from the cookbook of Julia Child while finishing 524 recipes in 365 days!

So what are you planning to watch this holiday? Add your favourite movies below. 

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The season of love has started and preparations and excitement for “The Big Day” is all around us! But you don’t have a date for the night? Do not fret! – We have come with the ultimate “Girls Night” ideas so that you have all the fun and excitement you deserve. Plan a wild and crazy night with your girlfriends – because life is a lot better with our girls around!

Movie Marathon

We all love these! You and your girls can snuggle under blankets with big tubs of popcorns and ice-creams and watch chick-flicks, classic movies or those movies which we watched when we were kids. For movie suggestions click HERE. This idea is fun and super-easy.

Girl’s Night Out

You can pamper yourselves by having a spa date with your friends. You can go and get a makeover or give each other one! Doll up ladies and meet-up at a hot ‘n happening club. Have a dance fever and go WILD – because you’re young and alive!!!

Do the things you love

This idea is perfect since it involves the things we love most – Photos, gossip, food and our girlies. You can add more things like desserts – chocolates (lots of ‘em) and cupcakes, nail polishes, crafty things so that you can do DIY’s together or you can play dress-up! *winks*

Go on a shopping spree

What could be better than this? You all go at any store you love and shop till you drop! Or else you can just window-shop and try dresses and hang out with your friends!

Girl’s Day out

Connect with nature, visit parks, make yourself a short picnic trip, go to the beach or the mountains and spend the day with the real beauty-nature. Remember ladies – “A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her!”

So girls, what are you planning to do?

Whatever you do, HAVE FUN!!! 

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Valentine’s Day is approaching and in no time it would be that time of the year where you see only RED & PINK motions around you; be it people, flowers, cards and even the web-world!!! We are here to set our girls for this dreamy occasion. We already talked about how to spend Valentine’s Day with you best friends.

If you have NO IDEA as to what you should give to your guy or are stuck up between two then read this. It will surely help you in planning the ‘perfect gift’.

The gifts are a class apart from the usual, so take a look!

Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for your guy:

1. Handmade T-Shirt

Buy a cheap t shirt or borrow an old one from him (tell him you want to make a cropped Tee for yourself) and dip-dye his favourite color- approx cost INR 100

Print his lucky number, sports team name, his favourite quote, his idol/hero or his/your initials on it. Approx cost INR 400. If this is too much, then you can do it yourself. Buy fabric colors and paint anything from the above! We are sure he’ll love it.

2. The perfect chef

If he loves to cook then you can get him the exquisite and exotic food like olives or even cook a dish he hasn’t tried before (Google is your cue here). If he has a sweet tooth then you can buy heart-shaped molds so that you guys can fill the romance whenever you want.

3.  Tattoo!

If you dare, then do it! Make a tattoo to depict your love- on the ring finger, waist, above the heart or at a place where he finds sexy. If you like this idea but don’t want to get inked permanently then get a temporary one.

4. DIY scarf

Remember Blair Waldorf’s ‘heart on sleeve’ that was meant for Nate Archibald? Well, we are not asking you to do that. Simply put a heart on his scarf. Borrow his scarf or handkerchief and write a small quote or the words I love you, your names or simply make a heart with a needle and thread. No hardwork needed!

5. Room of Love

Let’s accept this girls; guys would always would always say yes to DOING IT. So just make a room of love, scented candles, rose petals on bed, soft music, dim lights and just shower him with love!

6. An Year in Book

If your man has a creative streak then you could do either of the following. Pen down your relationship with facts and figures in a funny way. Make flowcharts, emoticons, crazy silhouettes and make a story out of it. You could also put your pictures, the words you said to each other, dates (if you remember) and the small little things that matter & make a creative scrapbook with handmade paper.

7. Organize

Does he always leave the towel on the floor? Or does he always keeps his room very organized? Either ways he would love it if you organized his room once in a very beautiful way. Apart from keeping the things where they should be, leave tiny notes under his pillow, study table or pen. In the middle of the bed you can leave pens engraved with your names and/or tiny note with a kiss (lipstick stain).

8. Play Dressup

Is there any female character from a book/movie that he really loved? *wink* Remember Ross’s Princess Leia fantasy in FRIENDS? Yes! You got it right. Give each other a week and tell what you want them to be. If you wanna do this alone then try to find his fantasy girl from his friends or talk him through. Then you better know the next step! *evil laugh*


Like the ideas? Which one are you planning to do then?

Stay Happy 

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Valentine’s Day is the second best day for a girl besides her Wedding day! It’s a test for guys in new relationships and another loyalty examination for the same ones when the relationship is an year long. We don’t mean to scare you to death by making you think that this is a school but if You Love her then you gotta show it: what better way to show your love than the Most Romantic Day in the calendar- Valentine’s Day.

If you have NO IDEA as to what you can give to your girl or are stuck up between two then read this. It will surely help you in planning the ‘perfect gift’. The gifts are a class apart from the usual, so take a look!

Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for your girl:

1. Valentine’s Day Basket of Love

It’s no rocket science~ Buy a basket (INR 100), put some candies, chocolates, love quote books (could be hand written too), pictures of you guys, love locket (could have pictures of you guys) and a main gift. The main gift might be a dress, bag or jewellery. Wrap the basket in cellophane paper and tie it with a ribbon. The perfect gift to show that you’ve put lots of thought to it. Remember, Girls like the gesture in the gift!

2. Valentine’s Day Basket of Care

Just like the basket of love, you can put care in it. Replace all of the above with scented candles, lotions, shower gels, heart-shaped soaps, nutritious chocolates, lip balm, sunglasses, scarf and more. This would be an excellent gift for the one who is conscious about her health and beauty.

3. Storywall

This might require some of your greens and a bit of hardwork but trust us, it works! Buy a medium sized cardboard and get all of your pictures printed. Now put up the pictures randomly, make cute hearts and stick them in between. Write tiny notes and pin them randomly. You have so many ways of doing it so use your imagination and make a beautiful storyboard. Wrap it in cellophane paper so that she can hang it in her room.

4. The Mug of it

All the things in this one would be useful and super cute. Buy a cute mug (preferably with hearts), put different flavoured tea bags in it. You can choose from green tea, peach, lemon, strawberry, kiwi and more. Put small chocolate pieces on it, cover it with cellophane paper and tie a ribbon around it. You can also write or draw on a plain white mug.

5. Movie

The easiest gift for a techie guy is making a movie of you two. All you need is a software (windows live movie maker, Xilisoft movie maker), pictures or videos of you two, pick 2-3 romantic songs and make a masterpiece. Go with the flow and add cute messages in between. She’ll love it to the core. You can also make a cd out of it.

6. Valentine’s Day Coupons

Valentine’s Day or Love coupons remind us of Joey Tribbiani from the hit sitcom FRIENDS. He gave his girlfriends special Joey coupons of love. You can make funny or seductive coupons with cardboard and papers. Write the Date, time, venue, duration and the time till which it is valid. Women like men who are creative and funny. Show her your true colors *wink*

7. Handmade with Love

Next up is something you can make all by yourself. It could be anything ranging from her favourite food to a card, a list of reasons why you love her to a handmade flower from stockings. Remember, gestures matter 🙂

8. Only You

Set the room, set the mood and set yourself for a crazy night. Play her favourite songs and treat her the way she deserves. Be the perfect gentleman and just BE THERE FOR HER. If you know what we mean *Smirk*

Like the ideas? Stay tuned for More 

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What to wear for a night date

Hi CF Girls 🙂

In my previous two posts I talked about What to wear on a Brunch and Evening Date. (Click on the respective words to read the post)

Night is the Best time to explore horizons on the style front! It is a perfect escape to a taxing day! Got a Date at night? Score!!! We have planned a perfect outfit for you, read on…

Look1: Pick a dress that flatters your figure and a color that complements your face! Nothing works like an LBD but if you’re up for experimenting, then go for solid colors like Red, electric blue or even Hot pink. A sip of perfection would be to add a glamorous clutch completed with a chunky cuff or danglers.

Look2: If Less is more, is your mantra then we suggest you opt for an Aztec print blouse and pair it with jersey pants in grey or black. You can throw a jacket if you want but we prefer without the same ;). Club this outfit with matching clutch and pumps.

Hair: Not Simplicity but Naughtiness is the key at night especially if you’re compulsive about points #10 and #11 (READ HERE if you don’t know what these numbers are doing here). Apart from your outfit, what makes or breaks the deal for a guy is his girl’s hair/hairstyle! Just keep them open with playful curls, soft spray and you’re good to go 🙂

Hair cheat- Skip the chemicals, dryer etc. and go natural if you’d like. Back comb the crown of your hair and tie them for a witty look!

Make-up: Pop & Pout- Nobody likes damp lips at night! So leave the Mary Jane act and opt for some bright lipsticks and glosses in Red, lavender, nude and pinks [Read here to get those perfect Red lips] and yes, moisturize your lips really well! If you want your lips to steal the show then keep the make-up light! Kohl, mascara and a little (Read: faint) amount of blush would do!

Now, I leave you with words from my favourite person of all times,

Coco Chanel

A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future

Have a Classy Night you girls! 

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We are at the end of this year and 2013 will be here in the blink of an eye. So, we all want to make the last night of this year remembered, party like there’s no tomorrow! Don’t have any plans yet? Don’t worry; we are here to the rescue with the ultimate party guide on ‘How to throw an awesome New Year bash’ for those special people you want to spend the night with. We have brought to you the most unique and classiest theme – A Masquerade Theme Party – At Home!

Dress Code and Theme –

The dresses have to give a dramatic look, like evening gowns with lots of frills and feathers. The color code could be black, purple or red. The mask is the most important part obviously, so you can also hand out tiaras and masks on your guests’ arrival. It should be fancy and sparkling
Decor –

Always remember that decorations are a very important part to give the right feel. You can either go for a fun look with  disco balls, bulbs,  glitter. The color theme could be metallic and shiny shades combined with blue or red. Or you can go for an elegant look with subtle decorations with lots of lights and paper lights with color  combination.


Music –

This again depends on the mood of the party. A masquerade requires hot, sexy and romantic music so catch hold of such numbers. You can also add your guests’ favorite songs and make a mix CD. If you’re going for a proper ball-type mood you can select classic songs and jazz numbers but i don’t imagine everybody enjoying it, You can hire a dj or get one of your friends to get remixed cds and play the best happening party music out there – Music is really important at the parties.


Food and Drinks –

Food can be simple and easy to eat  but should be served throughout the night. Finger picks, snacks mostly, cup cakes,  kebabs and fruit punches will do well and are also easy to make in large quantities. Keep 2-3 dishes unique and healthy for your health-conscious friends as well. If you can arrange a chocolate fountain that would make your party perfect.  Champagne and wine can be served especially at the stroke of midnight!


Tips –

Some more things that you can keep in mind are that you can complement your guests on their outfits because this party requires a higher level of preparation. As for gifts you can give out goodie bags filled with the accessory , masks, crazy New Year resolutions from your side and photos as a thank you note.
This party will require a lot of planning and you’ll have to send out the invitations in advance. These were just a few ideas for your party, you can personalize these-use your imagination! So ladies, doll up and throw a bash that none of your guest forgets-Ever! 

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