Love color in your hair but have the tendency to get bored of it almost the very next day?

For everyone who want color in their hair but shy away from the very thought of it because it can ruin your hair?

This tutorial is just what you need. Easy DIY Chalk hair would give you gorgeous colorful hair that you want and this being temporary, can easily be washed off by end of the day giving you choice to experiment with it more often. Are you excited enough? So let’s get this started.

You would need

Pastel Chalk

Curling Iron (Optional)

Water Spray Bottle (Optional)





Step I : Take the hair spray and wet small areas of your hair, mostly the ends

Step II: Run colored chalk on your hair from top to bottom till the time you dont receive your desired color effect

Step III: Experiment with colors

Step IV: Let the colors dry

Step V: Use hot iron your hair to lock the colors for a temporary time span. This is required for darker hair for the color to be visible more prominently.


If you are a blonde, you probably don’t need all these steps. All you gotta do is take the chalk, color the edges with your favorite colors. Go ombre if you want and you are done. The color would easily show up on your hair.

ombre hair trends

You can let your hair loose or try various style with this. If you are going for fishtail braiding. You can probably do the braiding first and run the chalk on it later. It might mess your hair up a little. But what good is messy fishtail braiding for anyways, if not for this! Oh and don’t forget to wash it off, end of the day!

diy fishtail braiding hair chalk tutorial
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