Who hates wearing boyfriend tees?

They’re comfortable, warm, cozy, and romantic as well.

And isn’t it even cooler if you can get a chic halter top from your boyfriend’s t-shirts in a few minutes?

Cute DIY Tee Shirt - Halter Neck

It feels intimidating to pick up a pair of scissors and begin slicing a t-shirt. But we’ll let you know how you can work with your boyfriend’s tee and make an incredibly looking halter neck you can put on while having fun in a cafĂ© or on the beach.

To make this beautiful gorgeous halter tee you’ll require the following:

A pair of scissors.

A medium-sized men’s t-shirt.


The essential part of the activity is having that men’s t-shirt. So make sure you steal one from your boyfriend and ensure you steal the best-looking one. With that you’ll be well-poised for success – well begun is half done.

The following are the detailed steps of how to go about it:

Step I: Place it on a flat surface and pick chalk.

Step II: Mark the lines as you can see in the picture.

Step III: Begin cutting as you follow the drawn line.

Step IV: After completing the front side, turn the tee and mark the backside. Take care not to shred the front part of your tee. I know you don’t want that.

Step V: Cut and discard the cone-shaped cloth from the back, following the pictures.

Step VI: Cut according to the dotted lines, and you get the straps you’ll tie to the back.

Step VII: Twist the strips after a little tug. This twisting helps prevent the tee from sagging at the back allowing it to fit tightly.

Step VIII: Pull the straps at the front and criss-cross them, wrap around them the neck, and then tie properly.

It’s just awesome how you can come up with a nice top from a guy’s tee! Try it and inform us how it worked for you. Good luck!

This article is written by one of the members of a grease trap company in Chicago, IL.

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