Who doesn’t love wearing boyfriend tees?

*They are snuggly and comfortable and romantic.*

And isn’t it even better if you can fashion a chic halter top out of your boyfriend’s t-shirt within minutes?

Cute DIY Tee Shirt - Halter Neck

Its usually a little intimidating to pick a pair of scissors and start cutting of t-shirts. But we’ll show you how you can take your boyfriend-tee fixation up by a notch and conjure up a fun halter neck that you can wear to the beach or the café.

To make this gorgeous halter tee You’ll need

A medium-sized men’s t-shirt

The most important part of this activity – Steal a t-shirt from your boyfriend, and make sure you steal the best one. As they say, well begun is half done! 😉

Here are the detailed steps :

Step I . Lay it on a flat surface and grab a chalk.

Step II: Mark the lines as shown in the picture.

Step III: Start cutting them according to the line drawn!

Step IV: Once you are done with the front, flip the tee and make the markings on the back. Be careful, unless you want the front of your tee in shreds. Haha!

Step V: Then following the pictures, cut and discard the cone shaped piece of cloth from the back.

Step VI: . Next, cut along the dotted line and this will give you the straps that you tie to the back.

Step VII: Tug the strips a bit and twist them. The twisting will avoid sagging of the tee at the back and give it a tight fit.

Step VIII: Criss-cross the straps in the front, wrap around the neck and tie.

Its amazing how you can style such a cute top out of a guy’s tee! Give it a try and let us know how it worked for you!

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