DIY – Glitter Pumps

Shoes are girls Best Friend! Who doesn’t know that,right? Well, if we can make some thing  more out of the already sexy shoes all by ourselves then how cool is that?! So Here is a DIY to add a little more to our  pumps.

Things You Need :

a. Glitter Spray.

b. A Pair of sexy Pumps.

c.Some Paper to wrap.

How To :

Step 1 : Here we are adding glitter to the heel of the pumps. Getting your  equipment ready is the first thing you need to do.

Step 2 : Cover the pumps completely or mostly at the rear part as we don’t want any glitter to get on anywhere else.

Step 3 : Take the Glitter spray and cover the heel completely with it and that’s it ! Its that simple. You now have glitter pumps.

Try it at home and lets rock those shoes girls!Till next time…

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