Hello Girls! Having a fabulous time? I’m sure you would now! 😉 Previously, I talked about ‘what to wear on a Brunch Date’ Missed it? catch up on it.

Most of us would love our dates in the evening, with cool atmosphere and a tempting dusk. Here’s what you need for a sultry yet Romantic Evening Date!


Shorts/skirts teamed with high-low blouses would look very chic and ultra sexy! Pair it with a killer pair of stilettos in bright colors! Color-blocking could be your cue here.

If you’re more of an elegant evening theme, then you might wanna miss the shorts and slip into an easy pair of jersey trousers or an LBD. Never gets wrong!


If you’ve shoulder length hair then you can either tie them in high pony with a cute bow-knot rubber band or try beach waves-

  • Damp them a little and divide into two sections.
  • Start rotating individually and run a flat iron rod.
  • Don’t comb but run your fingers across the hair. Hello to Dazzling Diva!

Hair-cheat: You can do a messy braided bun if you’re feeling fun N’ frolic!


POLISHED OUTLOOK~ since it’s not very dark in the evening, don’t overdo! Moisturized skin, pressed powder, light tones of lipstick and well-groomed eyes with lots of mascara will give you a very polished evening look.

Go, rock his world!!!