This is a very tough question for all you guys! You keep brainstorming for ideas and ask all your friends because you want to make the moment special and unforgettable for her. We sympathize with you and commend you for all your efforts, but now you’re at the right place, because we know exactly what your girl wants! Here are a few locations which you can choose from according to the likings of your girl:

The place you met

Propose at the place you guys first met or have spend most of your time together, it could be your school, college or any other place. It’s where sparks flew for the first time; it’s where memories were made!


Most of the girls have Paris as their dream location. There could be no better place than this, after all, its “The City of Love.”

Las Vegas

If she’s a party gal this is the perfect spot! You can pop-up the question on her birthday, on your anniversary or on Valentine’s Day. You can also invite her friends to a party and she’ll love it because the people who are the closest to her will be with her on this momentous occasion!

Kyoto, Japan

This is an amazing city with lovely gardens and gorgeous views. Plan a picnic out with her or tell a friend to bring her blindfolded or set clues along the way. You can prepare a game or some sort of puzzle – Be creative! With flowers all around it’ll be very romantic!


Proposing at the beach is a super sexy idea with the perfect atmosphere. Spend the day with her at the beach and at sunset pop-up the question! “When sea meets sand, beautiful things can happen.” It also has a Lover’s Beach, can you ask for anything more?


This is a very romantic city with beautiful rivers. Take her out on a boat ride and take along a picnic basket. Set something up like in the movie “The Notebook” – it was perfect with swans all around and it started raining and then – well that’s another story, but trust us, it’ll be hard to say no!

Whatever it is guys, you know your lady best and what will make her happy! Remember every girl wants to be proposed in a unique way so be innovative and get down on your knees! 

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Celebrity Hair War

So, we keep you ladies updated with all the celebrity gossip, don’t we? Among them, the who wore it Best articles are the most fun, therefore, we have brought another one today but this one is a little different. Lately, we’ve seen lots of celebrities getting new looks and so we compiled some of them with the same hairstyles. Who wore it best; we’ll be the judge…


This hairstyle was named after Madame de Pompadour and was very famous in the 18th century. The very sexy Rihanna adopted this style and soon this became her signature look. It suited her well and she gave her own style to it. Recently, the famous superstar Miley Cyrus chopped her hair and also attended some events with this same hairstyle. For quite some time she was the talk of the town.

Verdict– We think that Rihanna wore this style better well maybe because we are used to her changing hairstyles and Miley’s came as a shocker!

Soft Curls

Many female celebrities have been spotted in this glamorous hairstyle at lots of red carpet events. Among them are also the sexy ladies Mila Kunis and Nina Dobrev. Honestly, we do not like choosing among them because they both are very stylish and sweet.

Verdict– We like these romantic curls more on Mila. We think the Vampire Diaries star looks better in her sleek straight hair.


We all love this hair-do because it looks effortless and messy. Two very beautiful stars have chosen this style very often – Taylor Swift and Emma Stone. Both are amazing women who are also very talented.

Verdict– Although Taylor looks very pretty with her curly fringes we have to give it to Emma. She pulls it off every single time and looks vibrant in her ravishing hair colors.

Messy Braid

Every girl loves this fun hair style, seems like so do many celebrities. The Disney star and the Gossip Girl star both are cool celebs and were spotted with this side braid. .

Verdict– We think Blake Lively looked stunning obviously since this style went viral and she made a style statement with it also adding the accessory. Meanwhile, Vanessa Hudgens looks casual and cute in it too.


This style is very trendy and absolutely chic! Recently, two gorgeous actresses got this pixie cut. We have to admit, this was the hardest of all. Choosing between Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson was very difficult!

Verdict– We choose Emma Watson. This style compliments her very well.

So what do you think ladies, have me made the right choices… let us know who you choose and why, in your comments below. 

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It started as a fancy dress of choice and is now quiet a rage. Yes, we are talking about the uber famous tribal trend. From dresses to skirts to denims, they are everywhere. So its about time we have them on our nails, right ladies? Here’s a quick n easy tribal nail art tutorial by our guest writer from One Nail To Rule Them All – Four easy steps and you are good to go. Here are a few supplies that you need :

       White base coat

A variety of colours, the more translucent the better

Small paintbrush

Black acrylic paint or nail varnish

Fast-drying top coat

Make up sponge

Tribal Aztec Nail art tutorial DIY

Step 1: Paint your nails white

Step 2: Use a makeup sponge to add a gradient effect, I chose to do this using neon colours, but you could also use pastels for a more spring-like look. The colours I used were Models Own – Toxic Apple, Orange Sorbet and Pink Sorbet. I also added a layer of fast-drying top coat to help the colours blend more.

Step 3: Using a small paintbrush (as below) use black acrylic paint to draw on detail, such as zigzag lines

Step 4: Finish the pattern, differing the design on each nail

Step 5: Add a topcoat to seal in and protect your design and you’re done! 

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Kim Kardashian is known for her bold and flawless fashion sense and now with Kanye west as her Boyfriend (soon-to-be-husband), they are strictly to be referred as FCC: we mean Fashionable Celebrity Couple.

The Socialite, 32 and the rapper boyfriend, 35 have been together for quite some time now and with pregnancy (Kanye’s the Father BTW) taking a round on Kim Kardashian she hasn’t stopped fitting in her old pair of jeans *not that she wears one* and looks breathtaking in all her post-pregnancy outfits.

They were spotted having a fabulous time eating ice cream. Laughing, holding hands and looking their expensive best; kim was seen wearing an H&M cropped grey sweatshirt with leather pants, Celine taupe leather ‘Luggage Phantom’ square tote and her favourite Christian Louboutin Unbout Illusion pumps.


Kanye was sporting an all black look with leather pants, trench, t shirt and grey Air Jordan sneakers.

What do you have to say about the fashionable couple? Let us know! 

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Are you a brown eyed girl?! Are you always lost about how you should do your eyes and what eye make up would suite your eye color?! Well, here is a post that can help you . Take in the ideas and try it all girls!

Draw an out line with your eyeliner , Don’t be afraid to make the line thick if you want to add a little drama or you can always go with the thin liner as well.

Brown eyes?! Bring out those bright colors!! Here is something you can pull off and would look amazing on you girls.Pick two bright colors and make a statement with your eyes.

Smokey eyes looks amazing on any eyes and you can always take it a bit further by adding glitter or leave it simple.

You like it subtle and simple?Just  take out the colors that match your clothes and give a line on top of your eye lids with or without the eyeliner.

Drag the eyeliner to the outer part of your eye and add some color to the inline of your will look amazing.

Shimmer it up! I love shimmer and this look is perfect for evenings and nights so add some glamor to those brown eyes.

To bring some inspiration, Here are the brown eyed celeb beauties, . More posts coming up for different eye colors.

If you have any questions about eye make up or need any tips, Drop us a message. hope you like the post. 

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Not all hairstyles flatter your face. Each person has a certain kind of a shape. To begin with know the shape of your face.

It could be round, oval, square  and heart shaped.

So before going to the salon ladies know what kind of hairstyle suits you and this post will help you know more about it and you can also take examples from your favorite celebrities.

Face shape and hairstyle guide for everyone


Heart shaped faces have long chins, so take away the attention from your chin accentuate your eyes and lips more. And avoid short haircuts which are above your chin.


If you have an oval face, well you one lucky person. Oval shaped face is the best. You could go for anything you like. No rules no restrictions.But stay away from front bangs they make your face look very squared. Don’t we just love Jennifer’s hairstyles?


If you have a square face you should play down on your angular jaws. You could just take away the attention from them by having bangs  or just have soft curls or choppy ends this would perfectly  tone down the attention from the jaws.


One thing round faces have to keep in mind is covering the roundness near the jaw line. Any hairstyle that gives an illusion that you have an oval face is the best. You could try bobbed haircut with bangs like Cameron Diaz. Never go for a hairstyle above your chin it would make your face look all the more round. Keep it simple and sexy.


Or more famously known as Diamond Face Shape. Small chin, small forehead & prominent cheekbones along with a narrowed appearance is what makes a diamond face cut. Almost all hairstyles would suit this face cut but side swept bangs would be your safe bet!

To Avoid : Try and avoid hairstyles which bounce up your top and sides. It is only going to make your face look longer.


You know you have a triangular face when your forehead, cheeks and eyes tend to be narrower than the jaw.If it’s a short hairstyle you are going for, go for a haircut which is fuller on the top and tapers down when it reaches the chin. A hairstyle like this would give the illusion of a longer face and takes the attention away form your jaw & chin. Girl who did it the best – Rihanna!

For longer hairstyle, opt for side swept bangs. Focus would shift towards your eyes. Parting your hair to the side and zigzag parts would look the best on short and medium length hairs.

So what is your face shape? Do let us know! Also drop us a feedback if this tutorial helped you clear your doubts once and for all. 

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The easy-to-do Christmas

It is mid-December and the Christmas spirit is all around! From clothes to decorations, it is everywhere! While everyone is in high spirits, it is tough if you in a new city or in a hostel, away from family or celebrating your first Christmas alone. Do you need your life to seem warm, festive and comforting, if only for just a while? Do you want a Christmas that is easy-to-do and still decked to the halls?

Well,  this is the right place for you!

The House:

Stop by the market and purchase some glittery tinsel and fairy lights. Drape the tinsel over the arcs of doorways, the curtains and walls.You’ll be surprised at how lively fairy lights can make the house seem because they can be placed just about anywhere – around mirrors, on wooden stands, even filled in an empty vase!

The closet:

There are 3 rules for the the Christmas season which you cannot go wrong with – Bling, Red and Knits. Borrow from your friends, steal from your mum, do some street shopping or dig through the back of your closet but search out all your glitters clothing, your rich red ones and your knits and in an instant you’re going to look winter ready!

Christmas Wardrobe Stylish Chic Factor Fashion

The food:

Cross your fingers and hope to heavens that you know a Goan/East-Indian/Manglorean/Anglo-Indian friend or aunty and your Christmas needs are sorted! Either you can borrow a recipe for authentic Christmas sweets from them and try making a batch of them yourself or check if you can purchase a couple of varieties from them! Nothing makes Christmas better than home-made sweets!

Chic Factor Delicious Christmas Food

The gifts:

Christmas is all about giving and receiving love and love in the form of presents is the best kind! Either you can splurge on gifts for your close loved ones or set a gifting price limit and spread the joy to even your colleagues, even if its a small token. But the best way to show how much you care is to try a few DIY christmas gifts (our jar gifting ideas are perfect!) – nothing shows love quite like Doing It Yourself!

Christmas Gift Ideas

So what are you waiting for? It is time to get set for Christmas! 

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The countdown has begun! It’s that time of the year when we are trying to wrap things up and plan something for the New Year’s Eve! It’s also time to reflect on the year that has gone by, and we wonder how fast it flew away.It’s about the hope of a new year, new chances and new dreams with which comes the trend of keeping resolutions. It’s a promise to ourselves to do something we have always wanted to do and an effort to be a better person. So if you’re still thinking about what it’s going to be this time, here are a few suggestions which we hope might help – RESOLUTIONS 2013

Preserving Relationships: We could resolve about spending more time with family, making new friends, but maintaining our old relationships is far more important than making new ones. Also, forgiving, being more understanding and apologizing are few of the virtues that could never be replaced.
Working on us: That might be the most popular resolution! We can work on our eating habits- instead of saying “I’ll eat healthy” we can start off by cutting down on junk food, exercising daily, staying natural, getting more sleep or getting organized.
Doing something new: We could think of finally taking up something that we have always wanted to do like – learn a new language, take dance lessons, dying our hair blue, starting a diary, learn how to surf, and learn to cook or bake. Keeping a resolution is always a great motivator!
Going a step further: We can plant more trees, help someone in need, become an inspiration or volunteer at a shelter. Whatever our heart tells us to! Need not be big, just a step closer to being a better human being!

Working on plans: I should start working on my plans by starting to get my concrete repair done by a concrete contractor on Oahu.

What are your resolutions? Let us know!

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” – Oprah Winfrey 

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We love accessories. And there is a little bit more affinity to the one’s that are our own. Protecting your jewelery is just as important as buying em 😛 So here’s how you take care of your rings.

Things Required:

a. A box (Hopefully a pretty one)

b. Go for an anti-static fabric. The one’s that we use for cleaning our laptops and comps? That would do too.

c. Scissors

d. Rings

Make Jewellery Boxes at Home to store your Rings

And here are the detailed steps :

a. Be done selecting your box and decorate it on the outside with a little lace 😉

b.  Cut the fabric as shown in the image above

c. Roll the fabric in a way that it fits the box. Repeat till the time your box is not filled with the fabric

d. Arrange your rings!

That’s it. You are done. Have fun arranging your rings. And if you don’t have enough, you know what to do right? Just go buy more just to store em in your pretty box! (:P) 

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Gear up Ladies! Winter is coming: get your boring winter clothes out! Did I say ‘boring’? Did you go along with it? If yes, then time for some wardrobe change… Fret not; we have brought some great investments this winter, which will not only make you look your sartorial best but a pleasant change to dull 3Bs (Blue, Black, Brown).

Read on to know how you can get a wardrobe makeover and what the trend forecast is for winter.

1) The Tweed– Stun the crowd in this fierce Armani style tweed jackets, skirts and pants. It could be worn with another textured bottom or rich fabric shirt/pants. Not only is it warm but very stylish and gives you an elite look 😉

Colors rolling- Orange, burgundy, grey and green.

2) Leather– Leather is bread and butter for a young fashionista. It saves you from wreaking havoc, comforts you, takes the look from street chic to bike babe and dazzles in its own way. One winter must-have is a Leather Jacket.

Wear it with maxi skirts, over a dress, denims and pants. Works with anything!

Colors trolling- Burgundy, red, brown, electric blue & green.

3) Patterned tights– Now that summer has gone, you won’t be able to show your pretty dresses, or is it? Patterned tights to the rescue!!! Hearts, Bows, polka dots, birds, stripes, tattoo, nude, sheer, woollen; who won’t want to grab a dozen of these?

Wear it with every any dress in any texture and any color 🙂 Boots + Tights- A toast to eyes.

Colors trending- Any color and even galaxy print.

4) Trench coats and blazers– Winters seem incomplete with one of these. Get your Blair Waldorf schemes in action but first with a pop of yellow and a dash of red on your coats.

Wear over tunics and shirts matched with hot pants and oh yes, plain sheer tights. Contrasting pumps or same, a girl is surely having a gala time this year round!

Colors: Whatever suits your complexion but steer away from blue and browns.

Whatever you wear, wear in style. If need be, we are stepping in with our Chic Factor Store- To be Launched on 20-11-2012. Remember the date ladies!

Enjoy the winter time 

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