We love accessories. And there is a little bit more affinity to the one’s that are our own. Protecting your jewelery is just as important as buying em 😛 So here’s how you take care of your rings.

Things Required:

a. A box (Hopefully a pretty one)

b. Go for an anti-static fabric. The one’s that we use for cleaning our laptops and comps? That would do too.

c. Scissors

d. Rings

Make Jewellery Boxes at Home to store your Rings

And here are the detailed steps :

a. Be done selecting your box and decorate it on the outside with a little lace 😉

b.  Cut the fabric as shown in the image above

c. Roll the fabric in a way that it fits the box. Repeat till the time your box is not filled with the fabric

d. Arrange your rings!

That’s it. You are done. Have fun arranging your rings. And if you don’t have enough, you know what to do right? Just go buy more just to store em in your pretty box! (:P)

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