The easy-to-do Christmas

It is mid-December and the Christmas spirit is all around! From clothes to decorations, it is everywhere! While everyone is in high spirits, it is tough if you in a new city or in a hostel, away from family or celebrating your first Christmas alone. Do you need your life to seem warm, festive and comforting, if only for just a while? Do you want a Christmas that is easy-to-do and still decked to the halls?

Well,  this is the right place for you!

The House:

Stop by the market and purchase some glittery tinsel and fairy lights. Drape the tinsel over the arcs of doorways, the curtains and walls.You’ll be surprised at how lively fairy lights can make the house seem because they can be placed just about anywhere – around mirrors, on wooden stands, even filled in an empty vase!

The closet:

There are 3 rules for the the Christmas season which you cannot go wrong with – Bling, Red and Knits. Borrow from your friends, steal from your mum, do some street shopping or dig through the back of your closet but search out all your glitters clothing, your rich red ones and your knits and in an instant you’re going to look winter ready!

Christmas Wardrobe Stylish Chic Factor Fashion

The food:

Cross your fingers and hope to heavens that you know a Goan/East-Indian/Manglorean/Anglo-Indian friend or aunty and your Christmas needs are sorted! Either you can borrow a recipe for authentic Christmas sweets from them and try making a batch of them yourself or check if you can purchase a couple of varieties from them! Nothing makes Christmas better than home-made sweets!

Chic Factor Delicious Christmas Food

The gifts:

Christmas is all about giving and receiving love and love in the form of presents is the best kind! Either you can splurge on gifts for your close loved ones or set a gifting price limit and spread the joy to even your colleagues, even if its a small token. But the best way to show how much you care is to try a few DIY christmas gifts (our jar gifting ideas are perfect!) – nothing shows love quite like Doing It Yourself!

Christmas Gift Ideas

So what are you waiting for? It is time to get set for Christmas!

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