Celebrity Hair War

So, we keep you ladies updated with all the celebrity gossip, don’t we? Among them, the who wore it Best articles are the most fun, therefore, we have brought another one today but this one is a little different. Lately, we’ve seen lots of celebrities getting new looks and so we compiled some of them with the same hairstyles. Who wore it best; we’ll be the judge…


This hairstyle was named after Madame de Pompadour and was very famous in the 18th century. The very sexy Rihanna adopted this style and soon this became her signature look. It suited her well and she gave her own style to it. Recently, the famous superstar Miley Cyrus chopped her hair and also attended some events with this same hairstyle. For quite some time she was the talk of the town.

Verdict– We think that Rihanna wore this style better well maybe because we are used to her changing hairstyles and Miley’s came as a shocker!

Soft Curls

Many female celebrities have been spotted in this glamorous hairstyle at lots of red carpet events. Among them are also the sexy ladies Mila Kunis and Nina Dobrev. Honestly, we do not like choosing among them because they both are very stylish and sweet.

Verdict– We like these romantic curls more on Mila. We think the Vampire Diaries star looks better in her sleek straight hair.


We all love this hair-do because it looks effortless and messy. Two very beautiful stars have chosen this style very often – Taylor Swift and Emma Stone. Both are amazing women who are also very talented.

Verdict– Although Taylor looks very pretty with her curly fringes we have to give it to Emma. She pulls it off every single time and looks vibrant in her ravishing hair colors.

Messy Braid

Every girl loves this fun hair style, seems like so do many celebrities. The Disney star and the Gossip Girl star both are cool celebs and were spotted with this side braid. .

Verdict– We think Blake Lively looked stunning obviously since this style went viral and she made a style statement with it also adding the accessory. Meanwhile, Vanessa Hudgens looks casual and cute in it too.


This style is very trendy and absolutely chic! Recently, two gorgeous actresses got this pixie cut. We have to admit, this was the hardest of all. Choosing between Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson was very difficult!

Verdict– We choose Emma Watson. This style compliments her very well.

So what do you think ladies, have me made the right choices… let us know who you choose and why, in your comments below.