VALENTINE’S DAY: What couples can do

It’s a celebration time for couples and now that we have discussed what girls can do with their best friends, it’s a celebration time for everyone here at chic factor! The official day where you can wear red/pink, hold hands, spend lavishly on each other and cuddle till the night ends. This is what Valentine’s day means to us. According to us, every day should be a celebration of Love but like Ted Mosbey (How I met your mother) said, “if all days are legendary then no day is legendary”. Let’s make this 14th the most awesome day of February and do the Happy Dance the whole year!

FYI- if you’re still stuck on what to give to your girl or guy then do read our previous posts.

What to give to your girl on Valentine’s Day

What to give to your guy on Valentine’s Day

We have come up with easy, fun and romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

1. The most amazing Date

Just take your partner on the most amazing date you guys have ever been on. Outdo yourself the last time you took them for a romantic date. Treat them like a princess/prince and sway them off their feet. Flowers wrapped in brown paper, bunch of chocolates waiting on the car seat, your stunning outfit for the day and dinner on the roof over viewing a serene lake; nothing can go wrong!

2. A Long Drive

Every couple longs for a long drive. It takes them to an unquestionable land where they hopefully won’t stay connected to technology or fellow human beings. Visiting new places and seeing other side of the land instantly uplifts the mood. Won’t you wanna romance in the country side?

3. Party

Throw an awesome party for your closest friends. This could be a thing you can do together for your friends who are also dating. Merry laughter, engaging conversations and meeting new people is always healthy for a couple. You can keep a romantic theme like ‘Shakespeare’, pick 2-3 main course items and a groovy playlist. For How to Throw an Awesome Party~ Read our post. Let the good times begin!

4. Learn something new

In our busy lives we forget that the real meaning of life is hidden in the happiness we get by making our loved ones happy and exploring ourselves. As a couple you can decide to learn something new. It could be something which you both love or hate. You need to challenge and inspire each other to grow. Dance, cooking, sports, adventurous games, music or doing something for each other every weekend could give you a boost. Say cheers to a New You.

5. The Indoor Set-up

Set up a dreamy room with white lights, comfortable futons, popcorn  cocktail/mocktails, red velvet cake on the side table and the two of you watching your favourite movies back to back. Think ‘in the comfort zone’ and feel blissful.

This Valentine’s Day just go a little forward and melt their heart with a drool-worthy plan. If you do something with all your heart then we assure you they’d go crazy about you! *wink* Just Enjoy your Day! 

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Cute Moustache nails

I Moustache you a Question. Yeah, moustache’s are trending. They look cute when wore as Rings, pendants, tee shirt prints and NAILS. Yes, you heard me right. We love experimenting with nails and we think these moustache nails are plain adorable.

And guess what, it’s REALLY EASY. And we found a super cute tutorial which tells us how to get these cute nails. Here’s a pictorial step by step tutorial on how to get these omg-cute-nails.

Moustache Nail Tutorials

Things Required : Transparent Nail Polish, Pale Pink Nail Paint, Dotting Tool (Bobby pin would do), Black Polish and Toothpick 😉

So let’s get started?

Step 1 : Apply a transparent base coat to protect your nails. Follow it up with a pale pink nail polish and let it dry

Step 2: Take a dotting tool, if you don’t have any take a bobby pin, dip it into the black nail paint and make dot in the center just like this

Moustache Nails Tutorial

Step 3: Make another dot right beside the one made before

Moustache Nails Tutorial 2012

Step 4: Take a toothpick and put in two small dots over towards the end. Something like this

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute

Step 5: Continue with the tooth pink and draw a curvy line connecting the bigger dot to the smaller dot

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

Step 6: Fill in the side of the moustache with a toothpick. Try not to make it blotchy and fill it in a stippling motion.

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

Step 7: Repeat the same technique and make the other side of the moustache.

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

Step 8: Once dried, apply a transparent coat and voila! Beautiful Moustache nails must be looking sexylicious on your nails right? 😉

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

And you once you perfect it, you can play around. Look at these for inspiration:

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

PINK! I am loving everything pink these days. So why not mix both your obsessions and do something like this?

Cute ain’t? I hope you have made some space for this in your “Things to do this Spring” list 😉

You can mix this with stripes on one finger and it would look hawt too. Basically, all you need to do is use your head and experiment. <3

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

If you are lazy then you can just do the moustache on one nail and make a happy face out of it with rolling eyes 😉

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

I know what I am doing this weekend. Do you? What do you think of these beautiful moustache nails? Share your pictures if you tried them out. Nothing makes me more happy then seeing you guys trying the things we tell you about 🙂 

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DIY glitter nail polish

Now that we are clear with our basics of making our own nail polish, it’s time to take it a step ahead and add some glitter to it!

Are you ready to glitter your nails girls?

How do you make gorgeous Nail Glitter Paint at Home

“From where can we buy this glitter nail polish” is a question I have been asked this question a plenty of times. So this one post will be the full stop to all those questions!

Things Required :

a. Transparent Nail Polish

b. Paper to make funnel

c. Glitter of various sizes and colors

d. ToothPick

And here are the steps :

Step I ) Buy all possible glitters. Buy em big, small, heart shaped, random shaped!

Step II) Take out the transparent nail paint that we are going to artistically destroy 😉

Step III & IV) Cut a paper in the form of a square. Make a funnel out of the paper by rolling it! Keep the hole of the funnel in a way that it fits the nail polish hole!

Step V) Fix that funnel in the nail polish hole.

Step VI) This is my favorite step. Bring it on!!! Pour the glitter in gently and let it settle

Step VII) Mix it with a toothpick and shake it vigorously and let it mix!

Apply black nail paint as base coat. Next apply the glitter nail paint you just made. And seal it with a base coat for the glitter to stay 🙂

Variation II

We can try out a variety of glitter nail polishes. For e.g., this solid single color glitter nail paint! All you would need to do is apply a solid coat of green. Make the green glitter with the help of above mentioned technique and ta daaa gorgeous

Make your own solid glitter nail paint!

Variation III

This looks the best with white. Trust me! Apply a base coat of white. Take a clear polish and make a glitter nail paint following the steps listed below to get something like this!

Get White Colorful Glitter Nails

Variation IV

You want to mix two glitters, go ahead and do that. And for best effects, pick two different sizes and you would be surprised. You can mix em with solid colors instead of clear polish!

How to get gorgeous glitter nails at home!

I am hoping this post was of great help to you. If you manage to create something chic through this tutorial, do share!

Till then! 

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DIY Cropped tee

Old Tee. Tee that got ruined coz you spilled something on it. Tee that you just don’t like any more coz it’s out of fashion?

Oh well, it’s time you bring em all out. Crop em and bring the sexy back!

Making a cropped tee is the easiest thing in the world. Trust me! Even if your scissors are everywhere, it would end up looking “ASYMMETRICAL” ergo SEXY! So pick out your tee which has been gathering dust since eons but has that cuteness factor in it and let’s rip it apart!

Things Required:

a. Loose Old Tee

b. Pair of Scissors

c. Heart That Loves Art

DIY tutorials for Cropped Tee

Style A : Deep Front Cut

Step I : Get rid of the thick neckline right along the hem!

Step II : Cut the end of the tee in a rounded manner(Concave) . You can refer to the image above for the shape!

Step III: Start with your sleeves and cut along the hemline

Step IV: Take the front bit of the tee and cut it in a convex manner for it give a deeper asymmetrical look.

That’s it. That’s all it takes to make a cropped tee. If you think you are not really comfortable with scissors, you can draw out an outline and work around it!

You can style em with an extra long sleeves shirt inside and the cropped tee outside? Or go for a racerback skin hugging tee inside and cropped version of the tee to the top. And for girls who are for belly showing, you can wear it just like that and totally rock the look! <3

We will cover the knot crop DIY in the coming post. Till then, have fun cropping your tees!

-Sasha 🙂 

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Make your own nail polish!!

How often does it happen that you look at a gorgeous gorgeous nail color and you so badly wish you have it? But you can’t! That sucks right! Yeah, this tutorial for all those helpless girls.

Oh and it’s also for the one’s whose eye shadow or blush has exceeded its expiry date!

Things You would Need:

a. Fav shade of an Eye Shadow

b. Transparent Nail Color

c. Paper to Make a Funnel

d. Toothpick

Make your own nail polish using eye shadow

The Detailed How-Tos

Step I : Getting your act together. (:P) Pick your fav shade of eye shadow or the eye shadow that you would like to recycle. Mix two different colors to try out something fun! Be spontaneous.

Step II: Make sure the eye shadow is pretty loose. Otherwise grind it between the papers! Make a funnel with the help of the paper and put the loose eye shadow in it!

Step III: Pour the eye shadow with the help of the funnel like they do it in the picture. The more eye shadow you add, the more opaque your nail color’s going to be like!

Step IV: Stir the eye shadow and the clear nail polish with the help of a toothpick.

Step V: Mix it well and start painting your nails with uttermost pride! 😉

Let us know how you liked this post! And do share the pictures if you happen to try it!

-Sasha <3 

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Oscar de la Renta: Spring 2013 Collection

The Spring 2013 collection of Oscar De La Renta showed versatility of colors, patterns, cuts, materials, accessories and even hairstyle! Spring is represented with vivid color galore and design exploration. This collection gives you ALL!

Color palettes were mainly pastels with exceptions of blacks & neons. Patterns & Prints included high-low hem gowns, peplum, V-neck gowns, Chevron print, stripes and more. Materials were carefully chosen to keep in mind with the Elegance of this collection. Chiffon, silk, sheer, lace were some of the materials used.

Accessories and hair were very conspicuous and amusing. Hair was streaked red while some were side bunned. Jewellery was stunning with bold floral designed necklace and brooch. Let’s take a look at the major-steals from the show!

Shades of Pink

Pink mainly stood out due to the combination of lace with chiffon and spotting of hot pinks.

Yellow Mellow

It was fun and tasteful with yellow and tinge of red & green. Playful geometric prints, bow knot in dresses and chequered jackets were very well built.

Peaches & more peaches

It was a pleasant transition from all the sort-after color assemble.  Steamed smooth cloth surrounded by various shades of peaches were carefully mastered with tiny fragments of flowers, sequin and embroidery.

Aruba blue and Teal

Very dreamy, oceanic and soothing to eyes was this gorgeous line.

White and Black

Tailored suits, chevron print gowns, lace dresses and sweetheart neckline dress was a thunder for this line.

To sum-up the Oscar De La Renta Spring 2013 collection; it was a vibrant affair with wholeness of sassy and elegant attires. A clear Thumbs up from our side.

What do you think? Which category did you like the best? 

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Victoria Beckham A/W 2012-2013 Collection

Victoria Beckham is one for luxury, class and oodles of style. Body-hugging knee length dresses and slim coats are her forte while satchel and envelope bags her symbol. Let’s see what the Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 Ready to Wear collection has in store for us.

Lean Silhouette

Victoria has a flair for slim-fit pieces and this represented what woman stands for- Confidence with uber-edginess. The dresses gave a military appeal with raw sexiness. Black, green, red and blue were major attractions in this line.

Coat Dresses

Wear them with or without a dress, the coats weren’t bulky and thick but light and slim. Glistening buttons and belt around waist ruled the evening!

Dress it up

The dresses were mainly thigh length with different necklines like pointy collars, turtle neck, round neck and button up. Though mainly black, the dresses really were impeccably cut and fit right to the collection

To sum up: Make-up and hair was light with only red lipstick and sleek straight hair. Accessories included bright and dark socks with Christian Louboutin calf length boots. Bags were very well taken with the crowd, especially envelope clutches and a special range of satchel bags named after her daughter, Harper.

So tell us, did you like the collection? 

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People’s Choice Awards 2013: Best Dressed

We all look forward to all the red carpet events and look out for the glamorous dresses. This year too The People’s Choice Awards which took place on January 11 was a fashionable affair. Here’s a look at the best dressed for the event..

Taylor Swift

She wore a Ralph Lauren Collection dress and Christian Louboutin shoes. This was her first appearance after her split with the One Direction heart-throb, Harry Styles. She looked gorgeous in her color – White, and completed her look with a smoky eye makeup, drop-down Sutra earrings, and a Le Vian ring. The singer took home the “Favorite Country Artist” award.

Jennifer Lawrence

She looked ravishing in a Valentino Couture dress with Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. The Hunger Games won four awards and the actress herself was presented with two – “Favorite Movie Actress” and “Favorite Face of Heroism.” She accessorized her shimmering dress with a Valentino Couture clutch, and Cartier jewels.

Ashley Rickards

She showed up in an elegant in Aidan Mattox dress. She looked beautiful in her dress which she wore with Brian Atwood heels, Michael Kors necklace and Heirloom earrings.

Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory star who was the host for the night (for the second time) looked pretty in her dresses. She changed her dress during the show. We love her soft pink Christian Siriano dress with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and Dana Rebecca jewels. She was also nominated in one category.

Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe looked fun and fresh in her neon Simone Rocha dress. She paired the bright dress with high heels and ankle accessories.

Katy Perry

She looked absolutely adorable in Maison Valentino dress and black pumps. The Wide Awake star looked cute in her up-do and gold earrings. The pop star won 4 awards!

Emma Watson

The Harry Potter actress was a sure-to-be in this list. She wore a thigh length cut-out Peter Pilotto dress. The stylish actress won the “Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress” for the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Julianne Hough

She looked stunning in her sparkly Tony Ward Couture frock. She dolled up in this sheer number with silver Giuseppe Zanotti heels, Misaki ring and Norman Silverman earrings.

Who do you think stole the show? Let us know! 

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Hair Trend: Golden Globe Awards 2013

We updated you with who was the BEST DRESSED at the Golden Globes this year but hairstyles play an equally important role to give the right look. There were a lot of retro hair do’s, bun’s and side swept curls among the celebrities, but here are some which we fell in love with!

Julianne Hough

This star who also made it to our best dressed list, deserves a spot here too because of her sexy hair-do! We love her edgy up-do which has some twisty detail at the back.

Jessica Alba

This beautiful actress kept her style elegancewith side swept soft curls. We also adore the ombre color which suits her well.

Lucy Liu

Who doesn’t love fishtail braids!! And well, this star wore it to the red carpet which we love even more because it made her look different from the rest. It was perfectly done which gave a pretty look to the actress.

Zooey Deschanel

The vintage flair crown, the bangs and the playful ponytail – too cute for words!

Heidi Klum

The model looked glamorous in side swept romantic waves. The highlighted roots gave it a better feel!

Naomi Watts

She looked stunning in a side-swept bob! A classic Hollywood look – Divine!

So ladies, who do you think has a well deserved spot here? 

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Elie saab’s Haute Couture F/W range was a tasteful affair. The gowns were subtle with mystic elegance spluttered across the length. Lace, chiffon, georgette and crape were vehemently used to support the delicate bodice. Peach, teal, black, grey, gold, white and brown were some of the colors to be seen on the dresses. There was embroidery & stone work all over the dresses with cut-out backs, lace work at embroidery and brooches at the bodice. Accessories included leather and metal belts and brooches.

Let us take a look at the collection in brief:

Black Beauty

Black saw deep sweetheart and plunging necklines with some bearing lace ruffle at the neck.

Pretty Pink

This line was making a pretty picture with all the drapes in chiffon and lace.

Tantalizing Teal

Teal displayed beautiful cuts in enthralling fashion.

Gorgeous Gold

Gold was an applauding welcome to peach and light pinks. It surely was received very well with everyone.

Elie Saab yet again continues to create magic everywhere with woman opting more of his dresses and gowns from this collection.

Which is your favourite line from the above? Let us know 

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