Not all hairstyles flatter your face. Each person has a certain kind of a shape. To begin with know the shape of your face.

It could be round, oval, square  and heart shaped.

So before going to the salon ladies know what kind of hairstyle suits you and this post will help you know more about it and you can also take examples from your favorite celebrities.

Face shape and hairstyle guide for everyone


Heart shaped faces have long chins, so take away the attention from your chin accentuate your eyes and lips more. And avoid short haircuts which are above your chin.


If you have an oval face, well you one lucky person. Oval shaped face is the best. You could go for anything you like. No rules no restrictions.But stay away from front bangs they make your face look very squared. Don’t we just love Jennifer’s hairstyles?


If you have a square face you should play down on your angular jaws. You could just take away the attention from them by having bangs  or just have soft curls or choppy ends this would perfectly  tone down the attention from the jaws.


One thing round faces have to keep in mind is covering the roundness near the jaw line. Any hairstyle that gives an illusion that you have an oval face is the best. You could try bobbed haircut with bangs like Cameron Diaz. Never go for a hairstyle above your chin it would make your face look all the more round. Keep it simple and sexy.


Or more famously known as Diamond Face Shape. Small chin, small forehead & prominent cheekbones along with a narrowed appearance is what makes a diamond face cut. Almost all hairstyles would suit this face cut but side swept bangs would be your safe bet!

To Avoid : Try and avoid hairstyles which bounce up your top and sides. It is only going to make your face look longer.


You know you have a triangular face when your forehead, cheeks and eyes tend to be narrower than the jaw.If it’s a short hairstyle you are going for, go for a haircut which is fuller on the top and tapers down when it reaches the chin. A hairstyle like this would give the illusion of a longer face and takes the attention away form your jaw & chin. Girl who did it the best – Rihanna!

For longer hairstyle, opt for side swept bangs. Focus would shift towards your eyes. Parting your hair to the side and zigzag parts would look the best on short and medium length hairs.

So what is your face shape? Do let us know! Also drop us a feedback if this tutorial helped you clear your doubts once and for all.