This is a very tough question for all you guys! You keep brainstorming for ideas and ask all your friends because you want to make the moment special and unforgettable for her. We sympathize with you and commend you for all your efforts, but now you’re at the right place, because we know exactly what your girl wants! Here are a few locations which you can choose from according to the likings of your girl:

The place you met

Propose at the place you guys first met or have spend most of your time together, it could be your school, college or any other place. It’s where sparks flew for the first time; it’s where memories were made!


Most of the girls have Paris as their dream location. There could be no better place than this, after all, its “The City of Love.”

Las Vegas

If she’s a party gal this is the perfect spot! You can pop-up the question on her birthday, on your anniversary or on Valentine’s Day. You can also invite her friends to a party and she’ll love it because the people who are the closest to her will be with her on this momentous occasion!

Kyoto, Japan

This is an amazing city with lovely gardens and gorgeous views. Plan a picnic out with her or tell a friend to bring her blindfolded or set clues along the way. You can prepare a game or some sort of puzzle – Be creative! With flowers all around it’ll be very romantic!


Proposing at the beach is a super sexy idea with the perfect atmosphere. Spend the day with her at the beach and at sunset pop-up the question! “When sea meets sand, beautiful things can happen.” It also has a Lover’s Beach, can you ask for anything more?


This is a very romantic city with beautiful rivers. Take her out on a boat ride and take along a picnic basket. Set something up like in the movie “The Notebook” – it was perfect with swans all around and it started raining and then – well that’s another story, but trust us, it’ll be hard to say no!

Whatever it is guys, you know your lady best and what will make her happy! Remember every girl wants to be proposed in a unique way so be innovative and get down on your knees!