What to wear for a night date

Hi CF Girls 🙂

In my previous two posts I talked about What to wear on a Brunch and Evening Date. (Click on the respective words to read the post)

Night is the Best time to explore horizons on the style front! It is a perfect escape to a taxing day! Got a Date at night? Score!!! We have planned a perfect outfit for you, read on…

Look1: Pick a dress that flatters your figure and a color that complements your face! Nothing works like an LBD but if you’re up for experimenting, then go for solid colors like Red, electric blue or even Hot pink. A sip of perfection would be to add a glamorous clutch completed with a chunky cuff or danglers.

Look2: If Less is more, is your mantra then we suggest you opt for an Aztec print blouse and pair it with jersey pants in grey or black. You can throw a jacket if you want but we prefer without the same ;). Club this outfit with matching clutch and pumps.

Hair: Not Simplicity but Naughtiness is the key at night especially if you’re compulsive about points #10 and #11 (READ HERE if you don’t know what these numbers are doing here). Apart from your outfit, what makes or breaks the deal for a guy is his girl’s hair/hairstyle! Just keep them open with playful curls, soft spray and you’re good to go 🙂

Hair cheat- Skip the chemicals, dryer etc. and go natural if you’d like. Back comb the crown of your hair and tie them for a witty look!

Make-up: Pop & Pout- Nobody likes damp lips at night! So leave the Mary Jane act and opt for some bright lipsticks and glosses in Red, lavender, nude and pinks [Read here to get those perfect Red lips] and yes, moisturize your lips really well! If you want your lips to steal the show then keep the make-up light! Kohl, mascara and a little (Read: faint) amount of blush would do!

Now, I leave you with words from my favourite person of all times,

Coco Chanel

A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future

Have a Classy Night you girls!