Valentine’s Day is approaching and in no time it would be that time of the year where you see only RED & PINK motions around you; be it people, flowers, cards and even the web-world!!! We are here to set our girls for this dreamy occasion. We already talked about how to spend Valentine’s Day with you best friends.

If you have NO IDEA as to what you should give to your guy or are stuck up between two then read this. It will surely help you in planning the ‘perfect gift’.

The gifts are a class apart from the usual, so take a look!

Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for your guy:

1. Handmade T-Shirt

Buy a cheap t shirt or borrow an old one from him (tell him you want to make a cropped Tee for yourself) and dip-dye his favourite color- approx cost INR 100

Print his lucky number, sports team name, his favourite quote, his idol/hero or his/your initials on it. Approx cost INR 400. If this is too much, then you can do it yourself. Buy fabric colors and paint anything from the above! We are sure he’ll love it.

2. The perfect chef

If he loves to cook then you can get him the exquisite and exotic food like olives or even cook a dish he hasn’t tried before (Google is your cue here). If he has a sweet tooth then you can buy heart-shaped molds so that you guys can fill the romance whenever you want.

3.  Tattoo!

If you dare, then do it! Make a tattoo to depict your love- on the ring finger, waist, above the heart or at a place where he finds sexy. If you like this idea but don’t want to get inked permanently then get a temporary one.

4. DIY scarf

Remember Blair Waldorf’s ‘heart on sleeve’ that was meant for Nate Archibald? Well, we are not asking you to do that. Simply put a heart on his scarf. Borrow his scarf or handkerchief and write a small quote or the words I love you, your names or simply make a heart with a needle and thread. No hardwork needed!

5. Room of Love

Let’s accept this girls; guys would always would always say yes to DOING IT. So just make a room of love, scented candles, rose petals on bed, soft music, dim lights and just shower him with love!

6. An Year in Book

If your man has a creative streak then you could do either of the following. Pen down your relationship with facts and figures in a funny way. Make flowcharts, emoticons, crazy silhouettes and make a story out of it. You could also put your pictures, the words you said to each other, dates (if you remember) and the small little things that matter & make a creative scrapbook with handmade paper.

7. Organize

Does he always leave the towel on the floor? Or does he always keeps his room very organized? Either ways he would love it if you organized his room once in a very beautiful way. Apart from keeping the things where they should be, leave tiny notes under his pillow, study table or pen. In the middle of the bed you can leave pens engraved with your names and/or tiny note with a kiss (lipstick stain).

8. Play Dressup

Is there any female character from a book/movie that he really loved? *wink* Remember Ross’s Princess Leia fantasy in FRIENDS? Yes! You got it right. Give each other a week and tell what you want them to be. If you wanna do this alone then try to find his fantasy girl from his friends or talk him through. Then you better know the next step! *evil laugh*


Like the ideas? Which one are you planning to do then?

Stay Happy