Valentine’s Day is the second best day for a girl besides her Wedding day! It’s a test for guys in new relationships and another loyalty examination for the same ones when the relationship is an year long. We don’t mean to scare you to death by making you think that this is a school but if You Love her then you gotta show it: what better way to show your love than the Most Romantic Day in the calendar- Valentine’s Day.

If you have NO IDEA as to what you can give to your girl or are stuck up between two then read this. It will surely help you in planning the ‘perfect gift’. The gifts are a class apart from the usual, so take a look!

Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for your girl:

1. Valentine’s Day Basket of Love

It’s no rocket science~ Buy a basket (INR 100), put some candies, chocolates, love quote books (could be hand written too), pictures of you guys, love locket (could have pictures of you guys) and a main gift. The main gift might be a dress, bag or jewellery. Wrap the basket in cellophane paper and tie it with a ribbon. The perfect gift to show that you’ve put lots of thought to it. Remember, Girls like the gesture in the gift!

2. Valentine’s Day Basket of Care

Just like the basket of love, you can put care in it. Replace all of the above with scented candles, lotions, shower gels, heart-shaped soaps, nutritious chocolates, lip balm, sunglasses, scarf and more. This would be an excellent gift for the one who is conscious about her health and beauty.

3. Storywall

This might require some of your greens and a bit of hardwork but trust us, it works! Buy a medium sized cardboard and get all of your pictures printed. Now put up the pictures randomly, make cute hearts and stick them in between. Write tiny notes and pin them randomly. You have so many ways of doing it so use your imagination and make a beautiful storyboard. Wrap it in cellophane paper so that she can hang it in her room.

4. The Mug of it

All the things in this one would be useful and super cute. Buy a cute mug (preferably with hearts), put different flavoured tea bags in it. You can choose from green tea, peach, lemon, strawberry, kiwi and more. Put small chocolate pieces on it, cover it with cellophane paper and tie a ribbon around it. You can also write or draw on a plain white mug.

5. Movie

The easiest gift for a techie guy is making a movie of you two. All you need is a software (windows live movie maker, Xilisoft movie maker), pictures or videos of you two, pick 2-3 romantic songs and make a masterpiece. Go with the flow and add cute messages in between. She’ll love it to the core. You can also make a cd out of it.

6. Valentine’s Day Coupons

Valentine’s Day or Love coupons remind us of Joey Tribbiani from the hit sitcom FRIENDS. He gave his girlfriends special Joey coupons of love. You can make funny or seductive coupons with cardboard and papers. Write the Date, time, venue, duration and the time till which it is valid. Women like men who are creative and funny. Show her your true colors *wink*

7. Handmade with Love

Next up is something you can make all by yourself. It could be anything ranging from her favourite food to a card, a list of reasons why you love her to a handmade flower from stockings. Remember, gestures matter 🙂

8. Only You

Set the room, set the mood and set yourself for a crazy night. Play her favourite songs and treat her the way she deserves. Be the perfect gentleman and just BE THERE FOR HER. If you know what we mean *Smirk*

Like the ideas? Stay tuned for More