The season of love has started and preparations and excitement for “The Big Day” is all around us! But you don’t have a date for the night? Do not fret! – We have come with the ultimate “Girls Night” ideas so that you have all the fun and excitement you deserve. Plan a wild and crazy night with your girlfriends – because life is a lot better with our girls around!

Movie Marathon

We all love these! You and your girls can snuggle under blankets with big tubs of popcorns and ice-creams and watch chick-flicks, classic movies or those movies which we watched when we were kids. For movie suggestions click HERE. This idea is fun and super-easy.

Girl’s Night Out

You can pamper yourselves by having a spa date with your friends. You can go and get a makeover or give each other one! Doll up ladies and meet-up at a hot ‘n happening club. Have a dance fever and go WILD – because you’re young and alive!!!

Do the things you love

This idea is perfect since it involves the things we love most – Photos, gossip, food and our girlies. You can add more things like desserts – chocolates (lots of ‘em) and cupcakes, nail polishes, crafty things so that you can do DIY’s together or you can play dress-up! *winks*

Go on a shopping spree

What could be better than this? You all go at any store you love and shop till you drop! Or else you can just window-shop and try dresses and hang out with your friends!

Girl’s Day out

Connect with nature, visit parks, make yourself a short picnic trip, go to the beach or the mountains and spend the day with the real beauty-nature. Remember ladies – “A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her!”

So girls, what are you planning to do?

Whatever you do, HAVE FUN!!!