High-low hem blouses, tops, skirts and dresses are an excellent way to add length and accentuate your curves. They are a stylish version of sheer blouses which could be worn any day and on any occasion. Let’s take a look at the simple ways on how you can pair high-low hem outfits for different occasions but before that, you need to know what “high-low hem” is.

A High-low hem is a type of design of hem wherein the front one is shorter than the back; creating a flattering virtual image.

What are the options and how to wear them?

The Not-so Casual tops

Casual isn’t casual when we talk about high-low tops. These come in slight sheer and patterned texture which gives it a pastel shade.

How to wear- They could be easily carried with shorts and jersey pants.

Colors- Choose lighter shades like beige, powder pink, green, lemon yellow etc.

Accessories- For an edgy look, carry a set of silver bangles or Just a tote and flats would be great.



If this look doesn’t turn eyeballs then none of the below ones would! It is bound to make you divine and ought to look sexy. This gives you liberty to jump and dance while looking chic. 😉

How to wear- Team a light/dark colored high-low jumper with a different tone/patterned shirt. Finish with basic denims in moccasins.

Colors- Mint, royal blue, fuschia and caramel.

Accessories- A satchel bag and arm patty is enough for this look.



Everyone is talking about high-low hemline dresses with cut-out backs. It is a life savior of last minute dates and outdoor parties.

How to wear- To give meaning to a slimmer waist, wear a thin belt in the third color (if there are two).

Colors- Peach, lavender, black, burgundy, orange and more.

Accessories- Belt, rings and cuffs.



And we have a winner of high-low hemlines. Skirts are a fashion staple for practically any girl. High-low skirts? A twist!

How to wear Pair a sexy off-shoulder/bustier top with neon high-low skirts for a devious look. Throw a leather jacket to add some sequence to your appeal.

Colors- Hot pinks, mint, burgundy, yellow, electric blue!

Accessories- Pull of this look by a printed envelope clutch and ankle length boots.


We hope you’re enjoying reading the articles 🙂

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