he Messy Look –  we  wrote a couple of posts about how messy buns and top knots are just the perfect hair styles.What ever might the occasion be, a day out shopping with your friends? lazy college day?summer heat bothering you  then here is a quick hair style for your rescue.


Looks perfect! Doesn’t it?! Not only is it pretty but its very easy and quick to do.

Here are a few quick steps to learn how to do it !

Steps To Get The Top Knot :

1) Make a High  pony tail at the top of your head

2) Take a brush and comb your hair all the way through and tease it a bit if you have perfect straight hair so that it becomes a little wavy and messy.

3) If you don’t have a lot of volume then tease the strands of your hair a lot more so that it will look fuller.

4) Twist the hair around your hand and around the bottom of your pony tail ( Look at the picture.)

5) Pull the end of your hair through this as shown in the picture and make a knot or put in few pins in the insides or a small clutch.

6) Tease your hair again and style the top knot. Pull out few strands and spray some hair spray if needed.

Thats it! You now know how to make the Top Knot hairstyle.Easy and quick, this is a perfect hair style to master! Share it with your friends and don’t forget to tell us how it turned out.

Hope You liked the post. Till next time,