While many of us are enjoying this Chilliness in the air, some of us don’t like the frosty environment and the fact that they appear Santa Claus via layers of clothes. For people who would be missing out on snow and nature’s magic due to some reason; worry not! We have compiled a list of Holiday Movies we love that would make your Holidays all the more cheerful. Take a look:


Love Actually- A Romantic Christmas Movie revolving around the life of 8 couples. Watch out for the Christmas song in the beginning and the end.

Eternal Sunshine of the spotless minds- A twisted science fiction where the couple Kate Winslet and Jim carey decide to erase each other from their memories.

Serendipity- Two people meet, fall for each other but let destiny decide if they are meant to be with each other or not. Find out.

When Harry Met Sally- Harry and Sally have known each other for years and fear that sex would ruin their friendship. They decide to stay friends; has that ever worked?

Love Happens- A self-help author, Aaron Eckhart isn’t able to follow his own advice of the loss of his wife when he meets a hotel Florist, Jennifer aniston. Love happens when you least expect it.

Pretty Woman- A rich man (Richard Gere), as an escape from his work life, hires a beautiful prostitute (Julia Roberts) only to realize that he has fallen for her. Watch out for the stunning lady!


Home Alone- Watch out for the cute Kevin as he makes blunders and has crazy time catching the ‘bad guys’.

Little Miss Sunshine- A crazy family who pretends to be normal intend to get their daughter into a beauty pagent across country. Catch their hilarious journey.

The Pursuit of Happyness- An honest salesman (Will Smith) is literally brought to streets with his son as he has nothing but determination. Life has many faces and one such is happiness.

School of Rock- A wannabe rock star on accounts of desperate measures, signs up as a substitute teacher only to realize that the children talented bunch of people. See them becoming the ‘School of Rock’

August Rush- Slightly fairy-tale like, this movie captures an orphan’s musical talent to meet his birthparents.

Grown ups- Five high-school friends along with their familes reunite to pay tribute to their school basketball coach at a lake house. Watch their crazy weekend turn upside down.

Chick Flicks

Wild Child- A spoiled Malibu girl (Emma Roberts) is sent off to boarding school in England. As she tries to get expelled by using her dorm-mates and dashing Freddie (Alex pettyfer) she ends up hurting everyone only to realize that she cares more about them.

How to lose a guy in 10 days- On accounts to prove their worth, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey decide to lose a guy/fall in love in 10 days. Would they win or lose, love?

Mean Girls- A home taught girl (Lindsay Lohan) learns the untaught lessons of teenage girls; the hard way as she becomes one of them- plastic girls.

Confessions of a shopaholic- A shopaholic journalist falls for her entrepreneur boss and questions her true ambitions and whether overcoming her shopping addiction would bring her true happiness.

The Devil wears prada- An aspiring journalist Andrea (Anne Hathaway) becomes a temporary second assistant to the ruthless fashion executive Miranda (Meryl streep). She has to change everything to ‘fit’ into this world compromising on loved ones.

Julie and Julia- A young writer, Julie with an unpleasant job decides to write a blog about cooking from the cookbook of Julia Child while finishing 524 recipes in 365 days!

So what are you planning to watch this holiday? Add your favourite movies below.