VALENTINE’S DAY: What couples can do

It’s a celebration time for couples and now that we have discussed what girls can do with their best friends, it’s a celebration time for everyone here at chic factor! The official day where you can wear red/pink, hold hands, spend lavishly on each other and cuddle till the night ends. This is what Valentine’s day means to us. According to us, every day should be a celebration of Love but like Ted Mosbey (How I met your mother) said, “if all days are legendary then no day is legendary”. Let’s make this 14th the most awesome day of February and do the Happy Dance the whole year!

FYI- if you’re still stuck on what to give to your girl or guy then do read our previous posts.

What to give to your girl on Valentine’s Day

What to give to your guy on Valentine’s Day

We have come up with easy, fun and romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

1. The most amazing Date

Just take your partner on the most amazing date you guys have ever been on. Outdo yourself the last time you took them for a romantic date. Treat them like a princess/prince and sway them off their feet. Flowers wrapped in brown paper, bunch of chocolates waiting on the car seat, your stunning outfit for the day and dinner on the roof over viewing a serene lake; nothing can go wrong!

2. A Long Drive

Every couple longs for a long drive. It takes them to an unquestionable land where they hopefully won’t stay connected to technology or fellow human beings. Visiting new places and seeing other side of the land instantly uplifts the mood. Won’t you wanna romance in the country side?

3. Party

Throw an awesome party for your closest friends. This could be a thing you can do together for your friends who are also dating. Merry laughter, engaging conversations and meeting new people is always healthy for a couple. You can keep a romantic theme like ‘Shakespeare’, pick 2-3 main course items and a groovy playlist. For How to Throw an Awesome Party~ Read our post. Let the good times begin!

4. Learn something new

In our busy lives we forget that the real meaning of life is hidden in the happiness we get by making our loved ones happy and exploring ourselves. As a couple you can decide to learn something new. It could be something which you both love or hate. You need to challenge and inspire each other to grow. Dance, cooking, sports, adventurous games, music or doing something for each other every weekend could give you a boost. Say cheers to a New You.

5. The Indoor Set-up

Set up a dreamy room with white lights, comfortable futons, popcorn  cocktail/mocktails, red velvet cake on the side table and the two of you watching your favourite movies back to back. Think ‘in the comfort zone’ and feel blissful.

This Valentine’s Day just go a little forward and melt their heart with a drool-worthy plan. If you do something with all your heart then we assure you they’d go crazy about you! *wink* Just Enjoy your Day!