Cute Moustache nails

I Moustache you a Question. Yeah, moustache’s are trending. They look cute when wore as Rings, pendants, tee shirt prints and NAILS. Yes, you heard me right. We love experimenting with nails and we think these moustache nails are plain adorable.

And guess what, it’s REALLY EASY. And we found a super cute tutorial which tells us how to get these cute nails. Here’s a pictorial step by step tutorial on how to get these omg-cute-nails.

Moustache Nail Tutorials

Things Required : Transparent Nail Polish, Pale Pink Nail Paint, Dotting Tool (Bobby pin would do), Black Polish and Toothpick 😉

So let’s get started?

Step 1 : Apply a transparent base coat to protect your nails. Follow it up with a pale pink nail polish and let it dry

Step 2: Take a dotting tool, if you don’t have any take a bobby pin, dip it into the black nail paint and make dot in the center just like this

Moustache Nails Tutorial

Step 3: Make another dot right beside the one made before

Moustache Nails Tutorial 2012

Step 4: Take a toothpick and put in two small dots over towards the end. Something like this

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute

Step 5: Continue with the tooth pink and draw a curvy line connecting the bigger dot to the smaller dot

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

Step 6: Fill in the side of the moustache with a toothpick. Try not to make it blotchy and fill it in a stippling motion.

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

Step 7: Repeat the same technique and make the other side of the moustache.

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

Step 8: Once dried, apply a transparent coat and voila! Beautiful Moustache nails must be looking sexylicious on your nails right? 😉

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

And you once you perfect it, you can play around. Look at these for inspiration:

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

PINK! I am loving everything pink these days. So why not mix both your obsessions and do something like this?

Cute ain’t? I hope you have made some space for this in your “Things to do this Spring” list 😉

You can mix this with stripes on one finger and it would look hawt too. Basically, all you need to do is use your head and experiment. <3

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

If you are lazy then you can just do the moustache on one nail and make a happy face out of it with rolling eyes 😉

Moustache Nails Tutorial Cute Online

I know what I am doing this weekend. Do you? What do you think of these beautiful moustache nails? Share your pictures if you tried them out. Nothing makes me more happy then seeing you guys trying the things we tell you about 🙂