Make your own nail polish!!

How often does it happen that you look at a gorgeous gorgeous nail color and you so badly wish you have it? But you can’t! That sucks right! Yeah, this tutorial for all those helpless girls.

Oh and it’s also for the one’s whose eye shadow or blush has exceeded its expiry date!

Things You would Need:

a. Fav shade of an Eye Shadow

b. Transparent Nail Color

c. Paper to Make a Funnel

d. Toothpick

Make your own nail polish using eye shadow

The Detailed How-Tos

Step I : Getting your act together. (:P) Pick your fav shade of eye shadow or the eye shadow that you would like to recycle. Mix two different colors to try out something fun! Be spontaneous.

Step II: Make sure the eye shadow is pretty loose. Otherwise grind it between the papers! Make a funnel with the help of the paper and put the loose eye shadow in it!

Step III: Pour the eye shadow with the help of the funnel like they do it in the picture. The more eye shadow you add, the more opaque your nail color’s going to be like!

Step IV: Stir the eye shadow and the clear nail polish with the help of a toothpick.

Step V: Mix it well and start painting your nails with uttermost pride! 😉

Let us know how you liked this post! And do share the pictures if you happen to try it!

-Sasha <3