DIY Cropped tee

Old Tee. Tee that got ruined coz you spilled something on it. Tee that you just don’t like any more coz it’s out of fashion?

Oh well, it’s time you bring em all out. Crop em and bring the sexy back!

Making a cropped tee is the easiest thing in the world. Trust me! Even if your scissors are everywhere, it would end up looking “ASYMMETRICAL” ergo SEXY! So pick out your tee which has been gathering dust since eons but has that cuteness factor in it and let’s rip it apart!

Things Required:

a. Loose Old Tee

b. Pair of Scissors

c. Heart That Loves Art

DIY tutorials for Cropped Tee

Style A : Deep Front Cut

Step I : Get rid of the thick neckline right along the hem!

Step II : Cut the end of the tee in a rounded manner(Concave) . You can refer to the image above for the shape!

Step III: Start with your sleeves and cut along the hemline

Step IV: Take the front bit of the tee and cut it in a convex manner for it give a deeper asymmetrical look.

That’s it. That’s all it takes to make a cropped tee. If you think you are not really comfortable with scissors, you can draw out an outline and work around it!

You can style em with an extra long sleeves shirt inside and the cropped tee outside? Or go for a racerback skin hugging tee inside and cropped version of the tee to the top. And for girls who are for belly showing, you can wear it just like that and totally rock the look! <3

We will cover the knot crop DIY in the coming post. Till then, have fun cropping your tees!

-Sasha 🙂