He is into you or he isn’t. He makes you feel special or he doesn’t. There are numerous reasons to go out with a guy! If you are caught in a situation where you can’t really decide whether you should/shouldn’t go out with him..Whether to give him that ‘one shot’ or not.. Take a look at the points I’ve listed before you Turn him DOWN!!! It could really make or break the deal of your ‘current relationship’ with him and even if you are adamant about saying ‘No’, read it just-for-fun 😉 I mean who wouldn’t be curious enough to READ 50 of them! OMG really? YES

Go Ahead! 🙂

1. You feel hungry all the time or you just are a lover of food then you gotta get that man 😉

2. You bought a New Dress and you wanna spin some heads. We are girls and we love little wardrobe happiness *evil laugh*

3. You have nothing better to do tomorrow Night! Go get some Action! 😀

4. You are getting bored in your vacations so you might as well get bored with him!

5. Contrary to the above point, you might end up liking the date and plan on another one! 😀

6. You read an article on how girls are gearing-up and Asking Men Out! So YOU ASK HIM OUT too. Just For Fun 😉

7. You wanna make your Ex/crush Jealous 😉 Sigh! We are Awesome <3

8. A new Joint just opened and you wanna try that burger so you go out with him!

9. You like him. I wonder why this point is coming now! 😛

10. You have never been on a Good First Date! o.O Happens girl! Happens!

* Did you fall into any category yet? No? Read on then.. 40 more to go 😀
If Yes, then share below.. cm’mon write a comment if it was totally your situation 😉 *

11. You have never been kissed so in the hope of getting lucky tonight, you make-up your mind. Haha

12. You just got out of a relationship and you wanna divert your mind! Not Bad At All!!! Go Strong Girl!

13. Just to get yourself in the field. See whether you still have it in you or not.

14. You always wanted to go on a date with an American or a French Men. Bonjour Madame!

15. You are new in town. Just wanna mingle with someone! Hehe

16. Want to catch-up with an old friend/crush so you call it a date instead?

17. He expressed his feelings towards you but you’re not sure so in order to get to know him better, you go on a date! Bingo!

18. You wanna get that Bitch jealous! >-< Yes Yes.. Take it easy. She is burning-up in fumes already! 😛

19. You might want to make the guys jealous too! After all, You deserve the Best of the world! 😀

20. All of your friends are in relationships and you don’t wanna feel left-out. Yeah? So you grab the hottest one! Okay. You go out with him! 😀

21. You have a flight at 4 and it’s 11 right now. You wanna kill some time, so you don’t wait and want to spend some time with him. Awwwww

22. You got into a huge fight with your parents, you storm out of your house and into the nearest coffee place. You wanna talk to someone so you make your droopy eyes (not that he can see) and sad voice and ask him to come over! 😛

23. He got promoted/salary so as his humble duty it is, you ask for a date treat!

24. He is Hot N’ Happening. No questions asked!

25. Practice Date- It’s simple. You like a guy. He is Almost Perfect! You are nervous, you practice your date with a less perfect guy. You wanna get all brushed up and not rust down!

* Are you girls having fun? 😀 I know till now, at least you’d have got exactly your way back into your Date *

26. You met him for a purpose, like a meeting etc. You like where things are going so you go with the flow! Extend the meeting into a date 🙂

27. You don’t see any good guys around you OR you don’t see any guys who are good enough for you, so you go with him instead! What? Do you have anything better in mind? Remember, it’s why to go on a date!

28. You wanna get some work done from him, like an assignment etc. As a bonus/favor, you go out with him. Smart move girl!

29. Your much awaited movie has hit the box-office. Don’t have a friend? You go with him.

30. You are using (?) him to get to his friend. This girl is surely a Rockstar!

31. You wanna get a new Profile/Blog Pictures.. Hahah. So he would gladly click your snaps as you went out with him. Obsessed lot! 😉

32. You’re tired of relationships. You just wanna spoil yourself and have some fun at that.

33. You got your salary. You wanna be big and independent so you take him out for a change! That’s my CF Girl!

34. You won/lost a bet with him and now he has asked for a date! Okay!

35. He has been so nice to you all this while. So you would really like to go out with him.Be Nice to him, eh.okay? 😛

36. You want to tell him that you are doing great, so you flaunt how happy you are, on a date with/without him.

37. You want to check on him, get some updates on his life. You secretly kinda like him. 😉

38. You want to take it to the next level, more than friends? Yes!

39. You wanna party hard! The entry requires a couple, so… Yea 🙂 You ask him out!

40. You are out of money or food?  (yea..some of us still live on pocket money :D). It isn’t embarrassing girl! He doesn’t have to know that 😛

41. He has been asking you out for centuries. He is ‘decent’ too. Give him a chance 🙂

42. You are new as an employee. You want to impress your colleague. A healthy get-to-know-your-job-better deal is worth a date!

43. You think there is a chemistry, a connection between you two and gotta give it a try! See what happens!

44. You like his messy hair, just to how it feels to touch it, you go out with that Hotness! * Remember anyone? * 😉

45. It’s PROM NIGHT! You have to have a guy. Time to go out and pick a DATE!

46. Is he cute? You want to know whether he is INTO YOU or not? Ask him out just because you are curious 🙂

47. Ask him out cos your friend wants go on a DOUBLE DATE. For your bestie! <3

48. You want to be treated specially! Feel like the only lady at a restaurant? You go with him  🙂

49. You’ve a lot of common interests and hobbies, like you like Rock music, a painting or even salsa? 😉 So you shed your creativity with someone instead!





50. Finally girls! Go out with him because  you are FUN and you Deserve it 🙂

So My Ladies!!! Does he deserve to take you out now? Or Have these points changed your mind? I’d love to know 🙂

Say ‘Yes’ if you’re going out with him 🙂

Have a Blast Girls.. Just Remember to be your ‘Chic Best’ while you do that! 🙂 Mwah!